Our Promise
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Each and every animal that we rescue becomes part of our family and we treat them as such. Each has a story

that we will never know, each has been frightened and afraid, each has been hungry and thirsty.

Each, through no fault of their own, has been disposed of.  When they are finally rescued we not only give them

all medical care needed, we give them the love and comfort they so deserve.  We promise them that they will

never be put in a situation where they are scared, cold or hungry again.

President & Founder Maria Cetrola has been involved in rescue for over 25 years and frequently keeps in touch

with adopters.  The best part of her day is when she receives Christmas cards and photos with updates from

adopters and many send year after year.  We have had families that have had birthday parties and even showers

for the newest member of their family.  It is absolutely wonderful to know that each is so loved, it gives us all the

courage and strength we need to continue to fight this seemingly never ending battle.

Please understand that because of the proliferation of animal abuse, neglect and hoarding situations today, we will

be calling your veterinary office to confirm that what is on your adoption application is substantiated.  OnebyOne

takes rescue and placement very seriously.

We are constantly mindful of the fact that we are dealing with precious lives and will not compromise even one.

When you adopt from OnebyOne, you can rest assured that the same ethic with which we treat our

animals applies to our adopters as well. Whether it has been 3 months or 15 years since the adoption, we are

here for our adoptive families and their new best friends for a lifetime. Please note that OnebyOne reserves the

right to deny any application.