One by One FAQ's
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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have additional questions please feel free to email us HERE or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Question: $100 adoption fee, that is outrageous!  If you are a Rescue, why do you charge an adoption fee?

  • Answer:   It is because we are a non-profit, no-kill Rescue that we HAVE to charge an adoption fee.  Each cat/kitten that we rescue has been to a veterinarian for at least one wellness check.  Each has been treated for fleas, worms, parasites and ear mites. Each has had a snap test,  at least one FVRCP vaccine and, if older than 5 months, has been spayed/neutered and given a rabies shot.  They are also treated for any other medical issues that were found.  If you believe our adoption fee is excessive, please call your veterininarian and ask for an estimate on a wellness check with all the above will learn that we actually lose money on each adoption.

Question:  Why do you require a vet reference in order to adopt to me?

  • Answer:   Unfortunately there are hoarders and people who adopt cats to sell to labatories. There are people who adopt cats to sell to dog fighting rings and there are abusers.  Our founder has been involved in rescue for over 25 years and is still amazed at the lengths people will go to harm an animal. A vet reference shows that you have had or still currently have a pet and have taken care of it when the need arose.

Question:  Why are all OnebyOne's rescues spayed at 16 weeks and why do you require an additional $50 deposit to ensure that I spay after adoption?  Is that really necessary?
  • Answer:  Yes!  One of the main goal's of OnebyOne is to help with over crowding in shelters.  In order to do that we must do what we can to ensure that all cats are neutered and spayed.  Any cat that is over 16 weeks of age and 4 pounds will be spayed /neutered before being adopted.  However many families like to adopt kittens.  Our minimum age of adoption is 12 weeks.  Any family adopting a cat between 12-16 weeks of age must leave an additional $50 deposit, which will be refunded when veterinary paper work is submitted confirming spay/neuter.  Pls note that OnebyOne works with low-cost veterinary offices and can set up appointments.  A representative from OnebyOne will keep in touch with adoptive families to confirm all cats are acclimating well and that all kittens are spayed/neutered before six (6) months of age.

Quesion: Are your cats kept in cages?

  • Answer: No, our foster cats are not kept in cages. Above are pictures taken in one of our foster rooms.  Cats are sociable, playful creatures and we do not believe in keeping them in cages.  Each foster room has many cat tree houses, windows and plently of sunlight. 

Question:  I found a cat in my yard/at my office/on the street, can you take it? (Or) My mother/grandmother/aunt died; can you take her cat?      (Or) I don't want my cat anymore...I will bring it to the shelter if you don't take it.

  • Answer:  We cannot take the cat.  We do not have a facility in which to house our rescued animals.  Our entire organization is made up of individuals just like you.  We have full time jobs, families and obligations.  However, each of us at some time saw a need in our own community and stepped up to help.  Our cats/kittens are in foster homes, our foster families use their own money and their own time to care for the cats until a forever home can be found.  However, we can help in other ways.  We can post the cat on our petfinder and adopt-a-pet pages, we can help with fliers, screen potential homes and guide you through the process of finding a good home for the cat.

Question:  I have a cat in my yard that I have bonded with and would like to continue feeding, however I want to ensure no kittens are born, can you help?

  • Answer:  YES!!  The cat, male or female must be spayed or neutered.  We have humane traps to lend and can recommend several available low cost options.  If you are physically unable to trap the cat, we do have volunteers that can help.  PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until you see kittens to reach out to us for help.  We also offer advice on building outdoor enclosures to protect the cat/s from the harmful summer and winter elements.

Question:  Don't you get funding? Why are you asking for food or monetary donations?

  • Answer: No, we do not receive any funding at all.  Whatever donations we receive, either food or monetary, are from individuals and is literally our lifeline.  They only way OnebyOne can continue to save these precious lives is to charge an adoption fee and to collect donations and sponsorships from individuals.

Question:  I think what you are doing is terrrific. I can't foster at this time, but I would like to donate to help with feeding and veterinary costs, what are the best ways I can help?

  • Answer:  Thank you!  100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the animals in our care.  There are several way you can help:
    • You can click here to donate through PayPal.
    • For $15 a month you can sponsor either a foster or feral cat or kitten. This option also makes a great gift.  With a 3-month sponsorship we will send you a picture and details about the cat you are sponsoring, and with continued monthly sponsorship you will receive regular updates on your sponsored kitty.
    • You can send us a check (or puchase Petsmart or Costco gift cards and send) to us at:
      OnebyOne, Inc. P.O. Box 696, Barnegat, NJ 08005.
      Please remember no amount is too small...EVERY single dollar is deeply appreciated.

Question: I don't live in your area; can you direct me to other Rescues in different parts of New Jersey?

  • Answer:  Of course, click here to find information about other rescued cats & kittens in need of forever homes in NJ.