About Us
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OnebyOne is a registered 501(c)3  non-profit, no-kill, cat rescue made up of a group of animal loving, dedicated, tireless volunteers in Central/South NJ.  Our focus is to rescue stray, abandoned, homeless cats and kittens.  Once each cat is in our care they are vaccinated, neutered/spayed and given any and all medical attention they need. We are NOT a shelter.    Each cat is fostered in a wonderful home, nurtured and loved until we are able to find each one their forever home.

Another focus of our group is TNR* (trap, neuter, return).   In an effort to help reduce over crowding in state shelters and minimize the outdoor feral cat population in NJ, OnebyOne is not only providing hands on help, but also providing education and resources to help people who want to get involved in their own backyard or their community.

All of the animals listed for adoption on our page have at one time been either strays or were rescued from the state shelters, some of them within hours of impending euthanasia.

The ultimate goal of OnebyOne is to find loving forever homes for all of the animals we rescue, and to prevent the birth of more homeless animals.   We strive to accomplish this not only through education, but also by taking a hands-on approach to guide and help in any way we can.  Because of foster space limitations, we do rescue and place mostly cats.  However, you will sometimes find a dog or bunny listing here, as we offer courtesy posting for fellow trusted Rescuers in the NJ area.

Please note: WE DO NOT BREED KITTENS!!!  When there are kittens listed for adoption at any time on this page, they were rescued.

OnebyOne is lucky enough to maintain a foster network throughout NJ . We work closely with our fosters, other rescues, and various shelters to place these rescued cats and dogs in loving forever homes.

OnebyOne does not receive any official funding. The only way we can continue to rescue and help these precious animals is your donations.  Beside monetary contributions, food, litter, Petsmart/Costco gift cards, laundry detergent, and paper towels are always needed.