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Domino and Oreo are just two beautiful examples of kittens that OnebyOne has rescued.  Each precious soul has their own story, each has been through their own tragedies and traumas before we found them.  We will never know how they came to live on the street, why they were abandoned and what they had to endure to survive, all we can do is rescue them, get them medical care and nourish them with food and security.  Each cat in our care is loved and snuggled every day, each cat knows they are now safe.  When you adopt from us you will be adding unconditional love to your home.

Success Stories

Bentley in foster care before he was adopted

Read about some of our rescues who have found their forever homes, amazing experiences we have had doing TNR, and testimonials from previous adopters...Remember that when you adopt one cat you are, in fact, saving TWO lives; the kitty you're giving a home, and the next one we are going to rescue.

Chase at home with his new dad
Maria, we just had to write and let you know how thankful we are to you for saving this amazing, sweet, lovable girl. From the moment she entered our lives she has shown how grateful she is to have a family.  Its been  a few weeks now and I can't believe how well she is acclimating to her new home.  She is no longer afraid of the grass and is quickly learning how to play and fetch from Yoda.  Yoda loves having another dog in the  house and is having a great time with his new sister.  But that is nothing compare to Chase and the cats....after a lot of sniffing, Chase just keeps licking them...they are getting full baths every day - it is so funny to  watch....but I believe the best part of her day is at night.  After dinner the whole family sits together to watch the news and Chase jumps right on my lap, and then as soon as Seth sits down she positions herself so    she has at least a part of her body on us both...and then promptly asks for belly rubs and then falls to sleep.
I shutter to think what would have happened to an 8 year old Pitbull if you had not stepped up and took her in.  Not only did you save her, but you have added a whole lot of love to our family.  Thank you, thank you!!
Karen and Seth Oct 2012

Hi Maria,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how well Joey is doing, whom we call Buster now due to his chop-busting abilities lol! He has completely blended into our family and follows our two adult cats around like their little sidekick. He naps with them and wrestles with them as well. He knows his name, and comes running when called. He is acting much more civilized and less like he was raised in a wood pile :-) Based on how big his tail is growing and his ample appetite, we think he is going to be a big boy! He has had all of his shots and will be neutered next month. They love him at the vet and carry him around to greet all of the staff because he is such a mush. He is loving this weather because we leave the windows open so he can watch the squirrels and birds then nap in the window sill. Calvin was quite jealous for awhile but now they will even play with toys together. We love him very much had had a great summer watching him grow and play. I hope his brothers found wonderful homes as well. I attached a few pics of him with Calvin (grey) and Molly (white & black). Thank you so much!

Kelly & Jason Kelsey Sept 2012


Seven years ago Seamus, a red headed feline, came into our lives bringing a unique network with him. We adopted Seamus at an adoption day being held at Petsmart in Old Bridge, NJ. There he was calling out to us. Who could resist? His story was that he was an older cat that was going to be euthanized but he was rescued by this amazing lady, Maria. Now she has the title, Seamus’ Foster Mother. She is the go to person for info on anything concerning felines. The adoption was more than taking a cat home. There was caring and follow up attention, even a visit. Seamus is an intelligent cat who now has adopted us. He is in charge of the house, greets us at the door when we return home and adds the personality that our new home needed. What a smart cat!  He communicates with us – let’s play, I used my litter box, come and look, I'm hungry etc. We call him our “Little Baby” and when he does something wrong, we tell him we are calling his mother. Maria and her organization doesn't just rescue, she nurtures and cares for them “one by one” with our help. Mother Maria, thank you for saving Seamus.

Joe & Fortunata & Seamus

Bentley in his new home!Our family was just going to the beach to get some sun and to get away for the weekend... then it rained.  Just when I thought the trip was a waste, I spotted Maria with Bentley!  If anything, I thought maybe I would bring home a new beach chair, but never expected to gain a new addition to our family.  And what a fabulous addition he is! Bentley is the most beautiful, fun-loving cat thanks to your nurturing. He is spoiled and adored, not only by us, but by the three dogs whose lives he has turned upside down.  Watching them play together is priceless, and seeing them cuddle up with each other is so special.  I couldn't have imagined a more perfect match for us.  Maria, you were a pleasure to deal with.  The love and adoration you show your cats makes you the perfect stalk.  As a cat lover, it feels wonderful to be connected to your organization.  I am proud to say we have made a difference in the life of one very special cat, and have received much joy in return.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and I know Bentley is the reason for our last-minute trip to the beach this summer.  Thank you for trusting us with this precious little guy!!
Debbie, August 2011
Note: OnebyOne holds adoption events in Beach Haven, LBI during summer months.

The day you called me to say you had the perfect cat for me and my family I was so excited, the minute I saw Frankie I knew he was coming home with me.  Frankie fit in perfectly  to our home it took about 5 minutes for him to settle in and 10 before he was on my lap and hasn't left since!  You were right he is such a wonderful cat.  Maria you are truly the Feline Matchmaker!!

Thanks again,
Cindy, 2011



Tonka very comfortable in his new home

I found Maria & OnebyOne via Petfinder.com and I am so happy I did.  My husband & I were married for one year when we adopted Tonka.  We have grown to love him and was not expecting that he would be one of the responsible factors for us getting over our newly created union.  Tonka is simply amazing and has given us so much joy.  He has a big heart and you can’t help but smile whenever he looks into your eyes. Maria is an amazing advocate for animal rescue.  She has taught me so much since we have entered each other’s lives.  She is with you for years after the actual adoption process which I have benefited from immensely.   You will not regret meeting or working with her in order to save the life of one of God’s creatures.

Jasmin, 2010

Tiger & Pooh soo comfortable in their new home..
I found Maria through Petfinder.com when my husband and I were searching for a new addition to our family.  I have always wanted an orange tabby kitten since I was little, but my parents were always reluctant about the commitment. A couple months after our wedding and settling into our new home, I started to look online for a kitten.  After several searches online, I came across Rusty (now Pooh) and scheduled a meeting with Maria to visit him and his brother, Squirmy (now Tigger). I fell in love with both kittens as soon as I met them and the adoption process with Maria was flawless.  Maria ensured that they were up-to-date with all of their shots, neutered and equipped with a microchip. We adopted Tigger and Pooh in November 2010 (3 months old) and recently celebrated both kittens 1 year birthday and our 1 year wedding anniversary in August 2011. They continue to grow into their own personalities each day and my husband and I could not imagine our lives without them. We’re very thankful that we found Maria!

Shelley & Marvin October 2011

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